About 2028.

Do you see the changes too?
New results call for fresh tactics, and your whole organisation working in a new way. 2028 can help you achieve the change you seek both internally and externally.

At 2028 New World Agency we develop businesses to fit a new circular economy. With a clear eye for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges, user-centric digital strategies and a deep understanding of the experiences that build relationships – we build brands and drive communication to create: Opportunity for a new era.


The world never stops changing and neither will we.

The need for companies to look further ahead was a founding thought at the start of 2028 New World Agency. We have always stressed the importance of understanding the macro trends changing society. Tomorrow will be a new world, due to the power of climate change and digitalization which rewrites the rules for business.

Globalisation and urbanisation are two other macro trends that have shaped our world and driven change. Yet, in recent years we’ve seen nationalism and protectionism on the rise in many democraties. In addition, the Corona-crisis has made us aware of our vulnerability, and how reliant we are on trade and open borders to keep the industry going. It is likely that we will see many changes being made in how companies and countries assess risk.

Of course, the long term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are yet to be seen. Nobody knows, but there is reason to believe we won’t go back to the old normal. We need to establish a new balance. When everything comes to a standstill the opportunity is not to restart the old machinery, but to set new wheels in motion.


Doing well, by doing good.

At 2028 New World Agency we help good companies grow by focusing on a triple bottom-line of profit, people and planet. The way we see it, doing well by doing good is the long term strategy to thrive in a new value based economy. Being a good company, a civic brand and an important part of society doesn’t just feel good. It’s good business.


Creating meaningful futures.

At 2028 New World Agency we want to make a difference for the better. We want our work to be meaningful and important. And we believe the future will be different in many ways. Not just when it comes to technology, but in value shifts, how we view life, ourselves and our place in the world. So we go to work for the reason of creating meaningful futures.

Hans Langenius

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