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Electromobility made easy by Volvo Trucks

When one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, reliant on diesel technology for decades, decides to invest heavily in electromobility, it’s clear that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Volvo Trucks, now embracing the electric revolution, gave 2028 the mission to communicate the launch of its first fully electric trucks. And just like a bolt of lightning itself, we instantly saw that this was about something much bigger than trucks.

The challenge

Electromobility is not just about electric cars. Even freight and service transports will need to contribute to lower emissions and lower noise levels. As urban areas continue to grow, these transport solutions will play a key role in making it possible to operate in city centres at night and without disturbing anyone. Basically, keeping the big wheels turning, while you’re fast asleep. But as more electric vehicles come online a whole infrastructure for energy supply, service and additional services will need to be implemented at the same pace. 

Our mission was to create global awareness around Volvo Trucks surge towards electromobility , positioning them as the obvious solution for heavy urban transport and as a complement to solutions using other forms of energy. Oh, and one other thing … the company would soon be offering complete solutions for electromobility – Volvo FE Electric and Volvo FL Electric. It’s all very impressive.


This is what we did

We saw that the key to taking a leading position was in giving customers a smooth transition to electromobility. By pushing Volvo Trucks to take a holistic approach – from vehicles, to infrastructure for charging and service – they could take the position of a long-term and trusted transportation partner. Just like they’ve always been, but now even equipped for this new exciting segment.

Promise and message

This led us naturally to our promise to the market; “Electromobility made easy.” Even though the transformation to electromobility has mass appeal, it’s a step so huge that it can become quite intimidating.  So, Volvo Trucks positioned itself as the long-term partner to make the transition feasible, while also making sure all the benefits are within easy reach of the customer. Of course, there was also good reason to emphasise these benefits and connect them to electric operations – key messages like “Quieter. Cleaner. Electric” instantly made the launch feel fresh, exciting and with a real spark of futurism. All messages could be seen as a continuation of the promise “Towards zero emissions.” This was a clear mission that we launched with Volvo Trucks the year before, together with the launch of another environmentally sustainable product – gas-powered trucks.  


Often as an integral part in the launch of any new and exciting technology, images of the product take centre stage. But we saw a need to describe the purpose of electromobility. We wanted to show that modern cities with cleaner air, less noise and smarter transport solutions are now possible – even as the amount of transport increases. A city that is not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically and socially viable. Therefore, we created visual imagery to support that approach, avoided too much product focus and instead outlined the overall purpose. And by doing so we’d connect with the market.


We then communicated this theme across a number of channels to gain global awareness of electromobility from Volvo Trucks including:

  • A launch film with key messages for use at fairs and events.
  • A landing page on Volvo Trucks market sites and global sites.
  • Editorial content on Volvo Trucks web.
  • SoMe content that drives traffic to the web.
  • Presentation material for sellers.
  • Printed overviews for stakeholders.
  • Product guides.


The presentation of Volvo FE Electric and Volvo FL Electric, as well as the launch of Volvo Trucks Electromobility, received widespread international acclaim during 2018. It drove unprecedented market demand and made it possible for future sales launches in selected markets.



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