Nya Hovås

Innovative dialogue

Nya Hovås is a new urban district in southern Gothenburg, and we were one of the initiators of the process behind its creation. The result will be a world class mixed small scale urban district with 1,200 new homes built by Familjebostäder, Skanska, HSB and Next Step.


The challenge

The public often reacts to this kind of urban development projects. Especially in Gothenburg, where the road from concept to finished project is long due to strong public opinion and appeals from neighbors. The main challenge was to create a positive public attitude to the project.




A methodology focusing on an open dialogue was set up at an early stage. It contributed to create an involvement among all interested parties – neighbors, politicians, authorities and local businesses. Transparency at an early stage meant more time for the target groups to get used to and adapt to the changes. It also meant that construction and real estate parties got good input on how to meet the needs of the people in the area. A project hall was set up. Here, the public could address their questions and issues directly to representatives from the interested parties.




A strong and ongoing dialogue with more than 8,000 ideas and proposals paved the way for a rapid process. The number of appeals were minimized and the local plan process time was cut by 50 % – enabling everyone to be winners in the process.



Phase two: ongoing

During the ongoing construction of Nya Hovås, communication plays an essential role in informing the target audience about the progress and keeping the public attitude positive. We provide day-today communication as well as identify the needs for larger scale activations and campaigns.

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Contact Magnus Lindau, Visual Designer & Partner at 2028 New World Agency.

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