About 2028

At 2028 we strive to be a new kind of partner for companies eager to find their place in a circular economy. Here are some insights that drive us:

Facing ever changing futures, it is not a sustainable strategy to expect status quo. Companies who want to stay relevant must look further ahead and get prepared in time. Because no, it won’t be business as usual.

Through all times change has created new opportunities for anyone fast enough to seize them. And the futures favour the prepared brand. Above all, we see four strong macro trends that every company today needs a strategy for:

  •   digitalisation
  •   sustainability and climate change
  •   urbanisation
  •   globalisation

Today sustainability is seen as an opportunity for business, in the long run it will be the only way to do business. Therefore, every company needs to find their position in a circular economy.

To win your customers rationally is not enough, your brand also needs to win their hearts. And that is why we see a significant trend towards civic brands, brands that act and engage within the society – who do well by doing good. We believe that is the way forward.

In the end, we see no reason to set your ambition lower than to change the world for the better. After all, what could be more meaningful.

That is why we sum up our mission – creating meaningful futures.

Do you share our view?

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