A whole mountain in your pocket.

Gausta is an all-year destination in Telemark, Norway. To make every visitor feel welcome, informed and offer easy wayfinding 2028 New World Agency created the Gausta app.

For the season 2019/2020 Gausta needed a new app providing an easy overview of all information a visitor could need. Such as the weather forecast, the lift map, open lift, snow conditions, opening hours, restaurant menus and contact information for any need that could occur. 

The development of the new app was led from start to finish by 2028 – from design, coding, populating and connecting it with api:s in booking and business management systems on the destination. 

The Gausta app includes a new interactive map where the user can choose what information to see by activating different layers. A GPS-navigation functionality in the app connected to the map allows you to keep track of family and friends, and to use the event calendar and daily weather forecast to plan your stay. By making the services and activities at Gausta easy to find we created value for the visitors and drove sales for the destination.

Gausta App
Gausta App
Gausta App

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