Volvo Trucks

Consistency in global online communication.

With trucks sold and serviced in more than 130 countries, Volvo Trucks is the true definition of a global brand. One of the challenges is to be consistent in the online communication globally and still stay relevant to their customers locally. Here’s where we give them a helping hand.

2028 is responsible to maintain and develop Volvo Trucks’ websites since 2017. The assignment covers the Volvo Trucks global website and a master website that each market use as a template to build their own site. The global website is targeted at the general public, investors and media – while each local site is targeted at current and potentially new customers.

We cooperate closely to build and structure content to make it relevant and easy to find as well as easy to promote to the target audiences . One of the cornerstones is building the master website as modular as possible to make it easy for each market to tailor it for their own needs.

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Marcus Sjölin

Marcus Sjölin
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