Paving the way for growth with sustainable tiles.

Can you really turn a supplier of building material into a trendy lifestyle thought leader with high-sustainability ambitions? Sure, that’s just what we at 2028 did when partnered up with the ambitious and dedicated people at Dekora.

Dekora catalog
Dekora catalogue

Dekora is one of Sweden’s leading wholesaler of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and floors. Just like many other companies this family-owned business from Småland face big challenges in the transition to a circular and digital economy. The buying procedure within B2B is changing and the demands for sustainable choices is increasing among consumers. 


New channels to end-users

In the industry, the yearly catalogue has long been the main channel of communication. But with digitalisation this is changing too and many suppliers experience a need to communicate directly with end-users – not the least in digital channels.

2028 New World Agency was commissioned to renew the Dekora brand, to make its sustainability work known, and to establish a new presence on the Internet and in social media. 


Developing new product lines

Based on the insights we learned in the process we saw the opportunity for Dekora to develop new attractive offers to meet the demands of its end-customers. To revitalize the Dekora brand as an attractive, sustainable choice we launched two new product lines, Dekora Green and Dekora Trend.

We updated the graphical profile and gave Dekora a visual identity matching the company’s ambition to transform from a traditional supplier to a lifestyle thought leader with a clear position in a sustainable economy.


A new social media presence

The revitalization of the brand paved the way for our long-term strategy for how to digitalize Dekora and offer omni-channel experiences of the brand while establishing end-user relations through social media such as Instagram.

We also take pride in that Dekora decided to invest in solar panels to power their site in Anderstorp during our cooperation. Making the brand and its tiles even more sustainable.

Dekora catalog
Dekora catalogue
Dekora catalog

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