A new packaging for a longer value chain.

From providing nuts and bolts to become a one stop shop for small parts. Fameco decided to grab a bigger piece of the value chain in the assembly industry. We were invited to help drive the change, MindShift.

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Fameco’s small parts – like screws, nuts, washers and clips – sit in products made by some of the most renowned Swedish export companies. However, new technologies and new business models rewrite the rules for everyone in the manufacturing industry. And it demands new ways of thinking and working. Fameco aimed at becoming a system vendor for even more customers and it needed a new packaging.

2028 was assigned to provide Fameco’s offer with a new look and content. It included all that’s usually needed in a change of direction – a new corporate identity, website, PR and so on. But above all, it included a manifest targeted at customers, partners and employees. The manifest was named MindShift and was published in a book which, in an accessible way, describes the challenges Fameco and the rest of the industry are facing. How do you think and act in this new world order?

The change was a successful one for Fameco. They drew attention from the industrial group Keller & Kalmbach who purchased Fameco in late 2020.

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