A grand magazine for an extra-ordinary destination.

Gausta is a mountain destination in a league of its own. When creating its own magazine we made sure to make it show.  And it did. With its impressive format, real weight and lovely paper quality Gausta Magazine was admired both in Norway and Sweden.

Gausta Magazine was created by 2028 New World Agency for the launch of destination Gausta for the winter season 2018/2019. The magazine strives to capture and communicate the extra-ordinary beauty and magic of destination that is genuine, wild and sublime. And in every way – more mountain.

We documented the magic, interviewed the mountain legends and crafted a magazine with the ambition to amaze and interest every reader.

Gausta Magazine winter edition was awarded with the Swedish Publishing prize for best Visitor/Travel guide in 2019. The motivation read “For powerful emotion, well-crafted typography and an exciting format”.

Later in 2019 we published a summer edition, showing the magic of the mountain in summer shroud. For the 2020 winter season Gausta Magazine was replaced by Gausta Paper – a lighter more portable format focusing on guiding visitors to make the most of their stay, as well as drive the revenue streams of the companies at Gausta.

Gausta Magazine Winter
Gausta Magazine Winter
Gausta Magazine Winter