A whole destination
on one booking platform.

To make it smooth and easy for customers to book their mountain adventures Gausta needed a digital booking platform connecting everything it had to offer. 2028 integrated, designed, tested and launched the new platform to be ready for the 2020/2021 winter season.

Gausta App

Having a good booking site is becoming ever more important in the travel industry. Already in 2018, 82 percent of all trips were booked via a website or phone app, and this figure is expected to rise in the years to come. The proportion of trips booked online via a smartphone is increasing the most. At the same time, more and more guests want to compare options and book their entire trip in a single place. These are some of the insights that have been taken into account in developing a new booking platform for Gausta.

In the past it had been difficult for first-time guests to Gausta to get an overview of all the bookable products. What’s more, all the bookable products had been in different systems, so guests had to go to one website to book accommodation and then another to book ski passes.


A project led by the 2028 team

By bringing everything together on one site 2028 New World Agency led the digitalisation of Gausta to create a better experience for the customers. 2028 implemented the new platform by integrating and connecting multiple API:s and housed the new booking-tool on All thanks to our wide range of competences – marketing strategist, digital strategist, full stack developers, designers and content creators.


Open for different companies

In mid-September 2020, the new booking system was launched to the public. The new booking platform makes it possible to sell packages that include both accommodation and ski passes. And local companies in the area are invited to follow suit. The more who take part, the smoother booking experience Gausta can offer its guests and customers.


One-stop booking site for the whole destination

The launch in Septemberwas only the first step in a major digitalisation journey for Gausta as a destination The goal is for guests to be able to book their entire stay online, from accommodation and ski passes to ski school, ski equipment, activities, treatments and food.

See Gausta’s new booking platform here!