The art of telling a good story

Gaustablikk Fjellresort has not only 50 eventful years behind it. It also had a founder whose life was a real fairy tale. When the famous Norwegian hotel was renovated in 2021, we made sure that Olav Svartdal’s adventure and personality were included in the hotel’s design.

At 2028 New World Agency, storytelling is an important part of our work. In 2021 we integrated the story of Gaustablikk Fjellresort’s founder Olav Svartdal into the hotel’s major renovation.

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The story of Olav Svartdal

The story of Olav Svartdal is often told in its entirety. But the short version reads as follows: Telemark’s son Olav Svartdal emigrated to the USA in the 50s, became a ski instructor for Hollywood actors in the Rocky Mountains. Returned to Norway just when the film The Heroes from Telemark was to be shot and became a stuntman for the star Kirk Douglas. And the money he earned he used to build his own hotel – Gaustablikk, which opened in 1970.

As you can imagine, there was no lack of fun, exciting anecdotes to tell. But moreover the story of Olav Svartdal, his experiences and values are something that Gaustablikk has always represented. The warm hospitality, the care for the guests, and the great love of nature and skiing.

The value of a great story

Thanks to the Svartdal family’s generous contribution with their personal photographers, we were able to produce pictures in many different formats for the walls in the hotel. The pictures were provided with text signs that make it possible for guests to go on a journey of discovery in the hotel – which of course has a “Kirk’s bar” and where you can order a “Million dollar drink” in memory of Olav Svartdal’s famous salary negotiation.

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