How to sell a paradise that doesn’t exist – yet.

When the run-down island resort Knarrholmen was to be developed into the modern dream of a seaside holiday home, 2028 New World Agency was hired to manage the communication both for PR and sales. The result was nothing short of a success.

Knarrholmen is a small island in the Gothenburg archipelago, just a 15-minute boat ride from the mainland. In the 1940s the island was donated to the workers of the Götaverken shipyard to offer them a spot for recreation during holidays. Small cabins were built for union members to rent as well as a small grocery store and an outdoor dance floor.


A dormant island

After flourishing for the following decades, interest in Knarrholmen among the union members later diminished. In 2014 the unions sold Knarrholmen and its old low-standard cabins to BRA Bygg AB, a construction company who saw an opportunity to create something new.

The idea was to make the dormant Knarrholmen come alive by building 68 attractive houses, a restaurant and a new marina for visiting yachts.

A communication challenge

While the vision of a seaside paradise just outside Gothenburg was attractive, there were challenges involved. Not all union members had been happy with Knarrholmen shifting hands and transforming the island was therefore politically sensitive. There were also other stakeholders, namely an area of small privately-owned cabins on the south-east side.  

The goal for BRA Bygg AB was to get their plans for transformation accepted, to win over the cabin owners for the project and lay the foundation for a symbiotic relationship – and of course to get the new houses built and sold.


Making the vision come alive 

To get a smooth and friction free communication running 2028 New World Agency was brought in. We set up a communication process to answer questions, handle press and provide all cabin-owners with the desired information. To market and present Knarrholmen in a way that set the right expectations for presumptive buyers we created a full communication concept and a graphical profile.

The communication activities that followed included 4 magazines, a website, an app, VIP-events, eDR, PR-support and an exclusive Welcome-box for all new homeowners.


A real estate success story

By making the vision of Knarrholmen come to life as a dream in the minds of buyers, the sales of Knarrholmen houses was a success previously unseen. In 2018 Knarrholmen cabins had a price per square meter that exceeded the all-time high of apartment sales in central Stockholm.

Knarrholmen is now once again a vibrant island, a destination for boat-owners looking for a restaurant and well worth a visit. There’s even a paddle-tennis court by the sea.

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