Making clean mobility a part of modern lifestyle.

A gas powered car is a modern, attractive choice for successful, modern people that care. To make FordonsGas and clean mobility a part of a modern lifestyle 2028 New World Agency produced a short image-driven brand film distributed in social media.

The energy of the future is already here. FordonsGas Sverige AB offers renewable biogas, a climate positive product, for cars, buses and trucks.

Biogas is clean, smell-free and fresh and that’s how it needs to be associated. To make more people choose a gas powered car we need to frame FordonsGas and clean mobility in a lifestyle context that is modern and fresh and make it the the right choice for aware and caring parents.  

Together with an external partner 2028 New World Agency produced a short film for FordonsGas/AirLiquide. The film was distributed in Social Media and targeted towards middle-aged professionals likely to access a company car. 

For the soundtrack, 2028 remixed the song “Drömmen om en verklighet” by local singer-songwriter Frida Wallin.

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