Volvo Group Connected Solutions

How to bring friends onboard
and boost your team spirit.

When finding and recruiting highly-skilled talent is difficult, a fun and engaging campaign can improve your odds of succeeding. During 2019/2020 Volvo Group Connected Solutions got help from 2028 in getting the word out they were hiring.

Volvo Group Connected Solutions

Volvo Group Connected Solutions is a department within the Volvo Group responsible for developing connected mobility solutions for the future. As skilled IT professionals, such as developers and system architects, are in short supply and high demand finding and recruiting new team members can be a challenge. 

Based on the insight that new talent is likely to be found within the network and friendships of current employees, 2028 created a campaign for the Lindholmen office encouraging everyone to “Bring a friend!”

Using guerilla-marketing methods we placed post-it sticky notes and life size mannequin dolls on the three office floors, varying the messages and placement for laughter and surprise effect. Trust us, nobody missed noticing that Volvo Groups Connected Solutions was hiring.