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Don’t wait to improve. Growth starts with doing something better, smarter and more efficient than before. Here are some areas where we can help our clients do better.



Change Management


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Digital Marketing

SEO Analysis

Digital Marketing

SEO analysis | Increase quality website traffic, leads & sales.

Build a strong online presence, trust and credibility with Google and your target audience. Get data driven keyword insights (actual market search behaviour and potential), technical SEO recommendations, solid UX and content recommendations for your website.

SEO Content

Digital Marketing

SEO-friendly content | Get new results with optimized content production.

Start improving your website with continuously updated SEO content. Boost organic traffic and generate an increasing number of leads by improving your pages visibility on search engines and cater your new visitors with high quality content. Let us know your needs and let’s start from there.

PPC Campaign

Digital Marketing

PPC campaign | Kick start your online marketing in 48 hours.

In need of fast results? Boost online marketing and sales quickly and efficiently. From idea to distribution in 48 hours. Let us help you get the right strategy in place to target the right potential customers, with the right messaging, measurable and efficient with Google Ads and social media ads.

Conversion rate optimization

Digital Marketing

Conversion rate optimization | Don’t miss out on easy business.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about getting your visitors to do what you want them to do on your website, landing page or app. Our data driven process helps business’ understand pains, thresholds and success factors on your current website. And what concrete changes and actions that will drive the conversion rate up.

Social Selling

Digital Marketing

Social selling | Get started! New smart revenue opportunities.

Use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find, understand, engage and nurture sales prospects. It’s the way for your company and employees to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers, while building trust, without having to spend any money on paid advertising. Utilize your employees social media networks and generate new revenue opportunities: 79% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. At 2028 we offer a consultation and training product to get you started or/and a handover starter-kit product with key tools and content kits to insure a successful start for you and your employees.

Marketing as a Service

Digital Marketing

Marketing as a Service | Keep costs down and results up.

Our MaaS offer gives your company the opportunity to access a variety of marketing experts in no time. This is a subscription service designed to deliver value straight away and handle your specific and shifting needs, no matter how big or small. There are two easy ways to get started. Choose between: On call (running rate) or a monthly subscription plan (fixed rate). Fully scalable and adjustable based on your needs.

Trending Website

Websites & Digital Solutions

WordPress website | Trending product for small or medium businesses.

Hit the ground running with our small or medium business website framework designed to give your brand a competitive edge and a digital platform for continuous growth. Developed for SEO friendliness, smartphone responsiveness, high performance and speed, high security and to be easy and accessible for both your target audience and for your team.

Keep your digital services safe

Websites & Digital Solutions

Service Level Agreement | Keep your digital services safe.

Make sure to maximize the uptime of your digital services. We offer a variety of services and commitment to insure that your platforms are accessible, updated and working.

Revitalize your brand

Branding & Concept

Brand positioning | Revitalize your brand communication platform.

Make small changes to make a big difference. Utilize your company’s full potential with a much needed update and tune up to create the right competitive edge for your brand and communication in a challenging marketplace.


Change Management

Keynote speaker | Rethink opportunity (seminar/webinar).

Boost your team or company with 30 minutes of thought-provoking insights, opportunities and trend predictions. A powerful injection to help you rethink your business potential in a new landscape.

Free consultation

Change Management

Free consultation | Reboot & reboost your business for a new era.

Let’s focus on your immediate needs,  your potential here and now and the best ways to withstand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s discuss how to return to a new normal, and how to sort out opportunities in a new industry climate and market landscape.