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Change always comes with opportunity. And change favours those able to adapt. At 2028 New World Agency we focus on your potential and growth. We’re experts on how to build brands, influence choice and grow business in a new smartphone centric and circular economy. In other words, just what you need right now.

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to grow?

Our recipe for growth is simple. There are four areas we help our clients to impact. Together they circle your opportunity for growth.

Get onboard.

Get to know us better through one of our onboarding products. Designed to deliver value straight away.

Roadmap for opportunity.

Branding in a new economy.

New products and concepts.



Our work.


A whole mountain in your pocket.

Volvo Trucks

Positioning and launching electric trucks.


All of Gausta in one booking.


Making clean mobility a part of modern lifestyle.

Särö Stable

When every little detail makes a big difference.

Trending Services

How we can help

Trending services.

Don’t wait to improve. Growth starts with doing something better, smarter and more efficient than before. Here are some areas where we can help our clients do better.

What we can do


Our cross-functional team includes designers, developers, strategists, concept and content specialists – all working closely together. See what we can do for you!

Making good companies grow.

Our clients.

At 2028 we work in close partnerships with our clients, locally as well as globally. Seizing opportunity and growing together. Here are some of the good companies we are happy to help.

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